Imitation Technique

This is some technique how to improve our english speaking skill based on video

Imitation Technique is technique to speak as a native speaker for upgrading our confidence to speak as well as native.

Basic skill about imitation technique are
training your mouth with ear. There are 3 step to do this :

1.Listen to her (native) and read the text at the same time
2.Our turn to practically what i hear from speaker and read the text in the bellow.
Check about pronunciation, stress, the pause, the intonation and then copy it. We can try as much as possible.

3. Shadow her (native),
this is the biggest challenge because we just listening (not reading the text again) . we can repeat it many times we need.

The point in this training is not in understanding what native speaker said, but train our speaking skill and pronunciation.
So don’t worry if we don’t know what she said. Soon, our speak hopefully more natural. Thank you.

Warm regards,

Dedy Setyo Afrianto


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