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Menjadi Pemateri Consultant For Change di Binawan University

Sabtu yang lalu, sesuai yang telah dijadwalkan oleh panitia NICE Social Training Series, kami berkesempatan memberikan materi terkait dengan dunia konsultan, sesuai dengan materi yang pernah kami terima pada C4Change (Consultant for change) NAMA Foundation di Malaysia.

Training ini merupakan sesi untuk berbagi kembali (diseminasi) kepada segenap pengampu organisasi, praktisi, profesional dan akademisi. Sedianya semua materi ini jika disampaikan secara penuh, maka akan diselenggarakan dalam durasi 24 hari (2 module), sehingga dalam penyelenggaraan yang hanya 4 jam ini, sifatnya hanya overview materi-materi pokok untuk pengantar bagi yang berminat menggeluti materi ini. baca lanjutan...

Journey Notes Consultant For Change (C4C) Part2

Before you read more deeply, i just wanna tell to you, that this is my private notes actually. My way to memorize that i ve got from training, so if some day i need this reference, i just search it from my own blog. So, you can read and take it as reference also when you like it. But don’t forget to have some literature as compared as well. You can read it from beginning part for know what the objectives i post this article.

Material that i wanna post i get from Michael Porter theory, btw Porter is an American academic known for his theories on economics, business strategy, and social causes. He is the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School, and he was one of the founders of the consulting firm The Monitor Group (now part of Deloitte) and FSG, a social impact consultancy (ref).  He said about five forces framework as a tool to analyze the business. In my opinion, this theory is not just we can use it in business area, in other sector like education (or politic, ?) we can use it well also. baca lanjutan...

Journey Notes Consultant For Change (C4C) Part1

Anyway this is a little report about training that I have been choosen from NAMA Foundation. Yes, NAMA Foundation is a organization who have activity to empoweering others, educate peoples which coming from many sector. Back again to what iam writing right now, just highlighted to you, this is only my way to documentation i ever got, so if I need someday, i just access my blog.

notice : May you found any text un normally wkwk, un structured, and absurd also.. 🙂


long time ago, if i not mistaken, in march 2018, we have information about this agenda, there are seven or eight line, to recruit any peoples form seven country. in short story, we ve just submit our curriculum vitae to english, and then every transportation and acomodation will be covered by NAMA Foundation. baca lanjutan...